Partner with Bankera Exchange

Bankera is a relatively new exchange, with an associated product called SpectroCoin which is an easy to use cryptocurrency brokerage. The exchange as fiat pairings and big growth plans, but is small at the moment. Listing electoneum on the exchange and promoting it on social media could benefit both projects.

So many exchanges, so many listing requirements.
Send their support an email, see what they say.

This project is focussed on developing a userbase and ecosystem its about mass use. Mass adoption.
It makes its revenue through real use case as a payment system not from the phone sales or by being a store of value.
Exchanges will come with time.
If you push them too hard they get real pisssed off.
I know, they blocked me on twitter a wile backā€¦hahaha I cant even read their tweets any more.
As for Binance we were asked nicely to stop asking.
A couple of people created" fake vote for Binance listing" sites.
Not a good look for us, but that may have been the intention.
Its a cruel space when it comes to manipulationā€¦for profit and for loss.
Everyone is trying to make money in the bear market.

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Yes indeed. This particular exchange is a very new one although with a fair but of resources behind them I believe, the SpectroCoin product is older. As they are looking to build their user base at the moment, electroneum could be a great match. Electroneum would also benefit from the extra exposure and the fiat pairings.