Paper Wallet Update


So I made an ETN paper wallet a couple months ago, but I have accumulated more ETN since that period of time. Do I need to create another paper wallet to update the balance or is the paper wallet just proof you were in control of that account in case it gets hacked?

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I am not sure but i don’t think that they can track who has a paper wallet i don’t think you need to create another one to update the balance either i think you can just send it to the same paper wallet unless of course you want to split your money into multiple Paper wallets :thinking:


I made a paper wallet but I still see the balance on the phone? I am confused?


@thejahcoop, you are confused, you can see any transaction to or from the web-wallet, but not the balance on your paper wallet in the app


But did you send the balance to your paper wallet since its entirely different wallet? :thinking:


I think that is the part I am missing. I didn’t realize it was a new wallet. That makes 100% more sense now.


@thejahcoop There is no limit on how much ETN you can store in your paper wallet, one is enough, however, you can check transactions of your paper (offline) wallet by visiting

A guide on block explorer can be found here: Guide to the block explorer

Note: Confirming paper (offline) will require transaction id for each transaction you sent ETN from exchanges or other places places to your paper (offline) wallet and of course private keys supplied upon generating paper (offline) wallet


just send more etn to the paper wallet address


Its better u create a new paper wallet…