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I tried out the offline paper wallet. I had some ETN in 2 wallets, just a few hundred each to test how it works. To my surprise, it took 26 hours for my first transaction and over 50 hours for the other one to transfer the ETN back to my online wallet. It was in “processing” state for ages. Is this normal that it takes so long? Two days is a long wait if you have a substantial amount in there and want to do something with it. Thanks.

Have you considered using the cli wallet for your paper wallets? You can send and receive right from the program


I’m not familiar with cli wallets but I will look into it. Thanks.


Your welcome @8a8a421b7f4f30bf30e5

@NorthEastTexasTech has a video too I believe


Thankyou. That’s the link I was looking for @Dr_Jan_Itor


No prob! I remembered it was @cuddlesquid 's thread, about it.

And here’s the video:


That’s the same post I learned how to use cli from. I will never go back to online wallet. I have done side by side tests and I have found that cli sending is so much faster. Because the Web wallet just uses normal sending but with my cli I can make priority transfers and they are faster. @Dr_Jan_Itor


Strange. I often do the demo of the offline paper wallet to different friends, to show them how to send ETN and how to withdraw them. It tooks less than an hour in average to do the complete circle.

I hope it will be faster next time.


Is the time relative to the amount transferred? If 200 ETN takes 50 hours to transfer, 100k will take 2,85 years.

I’m no expert and there are topics & discussion here that cover this in detail.

Maybe try the forum search feature.

My very basic understanding is the CLI wallet is in sync with the blockchain or at least close to being current, so it’s faster to process a transaction even if you didn’t increase the priority.

Where if you use an offline paper wallet and send to the app, it has to do some time consuming sweep query of the entire blockchain until it can cue up the transaction.

I know I’m not explaining it correctly, but that gives you a basic idea of what’s going on and a simple understanding why it takes so long.

You can find more detailed and accurate info using the search or looking around for the topics I’d guess.


Is is possible to import ETN directly to exchange from paper wallet??

You can take control of a paper wallet using Command Line (CLI) then send directly to an exchange wallet.


Not at all. I transfered much more than 200 ETN and everything was ok in an hour.

This thing is driving me nuts, did a balance import from paper wallet last night 3/17/19 at approx 7pm. It’s now been “processing” for over 12 hours. What the blazes is going on? It shouldn’t take 12 hrs to process. Doing a refresh of my paperwallet shows all has been spent, meaning it’s sent to my mobile/online account. Why is it taking so dang long to finish processing?

If it is already processing, this mean you already have TX hash, so don’t worry. It is just waiting to be processed on blockchain.


Maybe a ticket to the support would help to understand better the situation.

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