Paper wallet question

Is it possible to send ETN from paper wallet to an exchange?

You will need to run the cli wallet and use the keys from the paper wallet. It will take some time to update the blockchain.
You will want to go here and download the direct miner software for your os.

I struggled with the same issue. Because I thought it would be to complicated via these pc commands, cli wallet ect ect. As a crypto ‘newby’ I did it as follows;
Go to your online ETN wallet en import ETN from your paper wallet. Is it quiet simple and straight forward.
Go to the exchange and deposit ETN with the QR code (or copy the address) of the online wallet.
Hope this will help you. Good luck :crossed_fingers:t2::+1:t2:

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Perhaps he does not want to use the online wallet :wink:

No dude
I am a holder

I mean, Can I send ETN from paper wallet to exchange directly?

Yes. The cli wallet is the tool to send it to the exchange directly.
Doing this will bypass the Instant payment system and kyc stuff.
From the cli you can send the transaction and it will go onto the blockchain and thus to the exchange.

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Paper wallet will need to be imported to Electroneum Mobile Wallet or keys supplied into Electroneum CLI in order to transact ETN. There are only two ways to send ETN. Three if you count the exchange.

  1. Electroneum Mobile Wallet
  2. Electroneum CLI Wallet

Also the process of opening your paper wallet via CLI is not called importing but rather just opening your paper wallet with private view & spend keys with Electroneum CLI wallet.

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Thanks mate!
But would you please send describe more about CLI wallet or introduce a link to read more about that.
Thanks again

Glad to help. Links are below.


Thanks a lot​:pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

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