Paper wallet lost


Hi all!
I have a question. Do you know how I could change the default public ETN address associated with my user/email?
The problem is that I have lost the paper wallet from that initial address, and it scares me that someday I need it and I do not have it.



You can try opening a support ticket. Are you asking if a paper wallet can be associated with your app public address?


Your ETN mobile wallet address is not generated based off paper wallet and ETN mobile wallet address can’t be changed unless you create a new mobile wallet account. Paper wallet that you lost should be empty, simply don’t send Electroneum to lost paper wallet.

If someone obtained your lost paper wallet and its empty, there is nothing they can do but see the 0.00 balance.


My main fear is not having my private key. If “something” happens to my default address, how do I recover it?


Your paper wallet keys have nothing to do with Electroneum mobile wallet recovery. ETN mobile wallet is recovered via your e-mail, secret security questions, pin, and telephone number.


I think I understand it. I appreciate all the help @cuddlesquid