Paper wallet is safe for the future?


Is it OK to keep the ETN in the paper wallet?


The Paper Wallet is arguably the safest way to store your Coins.

As long as you are able to keep it safe from the elements! damp will ruin the ink, sun will bleach it, fire will destroy it and if you loose it there is no way to recover it… you get the point.


what about wallet mobile it will not be safe or what ?for me i trust only in mobile wallet i dont want to complicate my work


It is as safe as it can be i guess, but anything connected to the internet has an inherent element of not being classed as safe as it could be compared to being stored on something not connected the Internet.


The online wallet is extremely safe; the team have it penetration tested by Hackerone - world class ethical hackers. Feel free to go check out their site to see some of their other customers… the list is very impressive.

However, NOTHING online is 100% secure…whereas if you create a paper wallet correctly and keep it safe… it is mathematically impossible to compromise…hence why it is always recommended to keep long term holdings on a paper wallet.


yes i know for this but i think all will be ok with this team of electroneum and for me i dont wwant to take risk with paper wallet i hate when i work with dificult wallet


They did let it test by hacker one completely to make sure its fully unhackable but better safe then sorry i guess but yeah @ColinSTE is right paper wallets is not really handy either i find since there can happen anything with it same as usb wallets i personally think the actual best way is to store some amount everywhere so that if something happens with something you always got an amount left on something else plus i think its better to put paper wallets in a storage somewhere else instead of at home like a safe deposit box or such :wink:


exactly this is the only way to protect teh paper wallet


say u have a million coins id split them up over 10 different paper wallets. Laminate them obviously, secure them in a safety deposit box. come back in 5 years.