Paper wallet in maintenance

Does anyone know why the import of paper wallet is in maintenance.
I tried to import from a wallet this morning and my solde wallet appeared, I opened a ticket to the support but I did not get a response until this hour.
Some time ago I tried to import from another paper wallet and it looks like the system is maintenance.

Let’s worry about this because the majority who invested in the ETN have deposited their balances in the paper wallet!

Thank you for your support!

some had issues, i belive they are working on it to solve this. Be patient


Be patient, it will be online.

I have all of my ICO coins on paper wallets (quite a bit) and plan to keep them there for quite some time. But I’m curious what rules, regulations, “duty” prevent ETN from simply deciding to phase out the paper wallets with zero notice? Would there be a way to “redeem” the coins if that were the case? If they desire to be KYC/AML compliant, then wouldn’t there be a motivation to prevent users from transacting with each other paper wallet to paper wallet? My coins went to a paper wallet in late 2017-2018 at the time they were released and have stayed there since. And the suggestion I read of “sending a few” as a test really wouldn’t work even if I desired to bring them online because once the spend key is exposed, you’d need to move all the coins for complete safety, and each paper wallet has at least 50k in coins. I’m obviously not worried at the moment because I have no plans to move them, but what is preventing phasing out paper wallets?

It is not possible to “phase out” paper wallets. Remember: This is still a decentralized blockchain ! You can chose to access paper wallets anytime you like using the CLI wallet

For the moment, if you run a full node and have synced a complete copy of the blockchain, all you need to obtain full CLI access to your old paper wallet is:

electroneum-wallet-cli --generate-from-keys=wallet

electroneum-wallet-cli.exe --generate-from-keys=wallet
(if you are using windows)


Email from barry?

We are sorry that last weekend when we made our latest fork we created a bug within our system.

The bug was that if you imported from an offline wallet we updated your wallet only.

The import was not reflected in your available balance. It also said only 0.00 ETN was imported.

This affected 122 users in our system and you were one of them.

Within the next 24 hours your balance will be updated to the correct value.

We have also turned off the wallet import system until we have permanently fixed the issue.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to me.



Barry Last



Import from paper wallets is open again.

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Paper wallets are working?

yes they are working. An import take average 7 hours, my own test transfer took ~8 hours

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i would to ask am using the old cli wallet and i guess there is an update now right how can i do that ? peer claims higher version that we think - we may be forked from the network and a software upgrade may be needed that what told me at cli

It does take very long time, If I’m correct one could do it in minutes some year ago? Hopefully the team will improve this :slightly_smiling_face:

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