Paper wallet capacity and restore

is there another way to restore paper wallet except restoring it through etn website? i have more than 60k etn in an exchange and i want to store it in a paper wallet can i transfer all of my etns to paper wallet? you know there are some capacity limitations for a period on online etn wallet.

Absolutley!..and its alot faster as well.

You can interact with the blockchain direct by using the command line wallet (CLI) or Desktop Community wallet (GUI) with a remote node.

In other words, you take control of the paper wallet (restore) yourself using one of these two tools. Obviously its more complicated than just scanning with your mobile app, but with a little practice its simple enough. The community GUI wallet is more user friendly but the CLI is an official tool from Electroneum so some people feel more comfortable using that.

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just downloaded gui wallet how can i restore

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Make sure you are in Simple Mode to use a remote instance of the blockchian (or it will try and download the whole blokchain to your computer).

  • Restore wallet from keys or nmemonic seed.

  • Give your wallet a name

  • Click “Restore from keys”

  • Enter the three keys from your paper wallet

  • Enter 0 for restore height (or a block height if you know roughly where you sent your coins).

  • Add safe password.

Your all set to go. The wallet will refresh (may take a little time depending on your computer spec). Once finished you can send your coins anywhere you like or leave them on your GUI wallet.

All of this is in the userguide, i strongly suggest you take the time to read it. Perhaps make a paper wallet, send a coin or two to it and test it on that first. Crypto is very unforgiving if you make mistakes.


60k small amount?

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No need to download the whole blockchain… simple mode means it connects to a remote node.

It’s safe.

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as i see the explanation simple mode has a limited capacity too

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It doesn’t have any limits.

People who work with HUGE amounts of ETN usually like to run their own nodes rather than using a 3rd parties via remote node. I think that’s what they are implying.

i just restored my paper wallet but balance shows 0 etn

i have 90 etns on my paper wallet


You couldn’t have restored yet… takes a good 30-60min+ minimum to go from block 0 to the current block (over 800k).

You sure you restored from block 0 and didnt leave blank or put in a recent block height?

i wrote wallet creation date to block height

Far too easy to miss the block…which would stop the transaction showing.

Click settings->Info (top right)->Wallet Restore Height->Click to Change

Then put in a much older date or low block number. To make sure you include the block you sent your coins in the scan.

To be honest, you should run from 0 to be sure.

(also you need to wait until its finished scanning - your screenshot shows 225 blocks still to check)

nope still cant see the unbalance

okay that’s enough i lost my trust to gui wallet lol

i wroted 0 but it setted to 828266 wallet is fully synced and still unable to view balance

lol, You have been 9 minutes… You couldn’t have scanned the blockchain.

Set the height to 0, go make some tea and let it scan…

i was making sandwich actually :slight_smile:

No Daemon is synchronised… wallet is not… it has 828k blocks to scan.

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