Pairing with One Development


Hi everyone,

We’re on a sprint finish to 2018, and today we have some big news for you, news that will grow over the next few months: we’re partnering with @OneDevelopment to take the first step towards bringing #ETN to MVNOs and mobile users in Thailand.

Thailand is a massive market for cryptocurrency – one that will only get bigger. Seven crypto businesses have been legalised there already and more are expected to follow.

When you combine this with Thailand’s world-leading, open embrace for cryptocurrency and their in depth understanding of the balance of bringing the benefits of blockchain to their citizens whilst also protecting them from many risks, it’s clear it will be to be the place to be for cryptocurrencies very, very soon.

So where does @OneDevelopment fit into all this? Well, they’re Thailand’s first licensed mobile virtual network aggregator (MVNA), so they’ll be able to help us open discussions with their current and future Thai Mobile Virtual

Network Operator (MVNO) partners about using ETN to pay for data and airtime. How awesome is that? We’re really excited about it!

If you want to know more here’s a link:


Awesome, just awesome!!!:blush::blush:


Very good news!! :smiley:


Hmmm I’m thinking I might be able to retire there then.


Great work team im excited to see the impact when launched :+1::zap:


This is fantastic as another piece of global domination falls in to place lol. Go electroneum GO!!!


Almost something Ernst Stavro Blofeld would say to Mr Bond.


Thanks for the developments @Jade_O
Great Market there in Thailand.

@Thunder aka Goldfinger!


There is a crypto company in Thailand called They allow buying and selling of BTC in the wallet. Check them out to see if they can add ETN. Their wallet allows bill payment and bank account access. It’s quite sophisticated. They are very far ahead of most countries for sure.