Our names are all so sweet


Emmanuel’s name so sweet Electroneum name so sweet,
So glad my name starts with alpha E so as E for electroneum,
What do you have in common with Electroneum? :yum:


Haha love your post. Very…sweet.

I haven’t really thought about it so I’m not sure how to answer. I may have to get back to you with that one when it’s not just the amount of time I spend on my phone.


Lol anyway it’s cool challenge



T. Trying to get more electroneum right now
H. Helping others get it through fun games and themed events
U. Undecided as to how much I will buy tomorrow
N. Never mind I will buy as much as I can
D. Determined to be the first on the exchange to buy ETN
E. Excited in sweaty anticipation of my soon to be ETN purchase
R. Running around smiling like crazy knowing the future is looking great!


Hehehehehe that’s absolutely lovely who taught you word formation?



When the weak hands sell their Electroneum presto I have more crypto :zap:


Me even if I know a project won’t pay much now and I’m into it, then forget about me selling it never,
If I give it free it’s even worth…


I teach various things including cryptocurrency! It is but a visual aide… lol a fun one!




jernej and ElEctRoNEum
So common letters are EERNE. And we have new name :grin:
Maybe my new nick name :smile:


Another one,that sound like Latin name I mean your new nick


Ok lets try this , combining Electroneum & Tika, Electika, give some surge to my name?


In my locality electrika means electric wire