Other means for verification


Good day. from Nigeria there’s issues concerning the documents for uploading on yoti. I noticed that the only requirements from yoti side giving to my country is international passport which an average Nigeria do not possess. please let there be another alternative for us get verify thank you


Yes, there needs to be another method. People from other regions are also facing a similar issue



Asked for a tax number
I filled up with my national ID number. There is no tax number here, we do everything with NID.
(In my.electroneum.com)


I did with international passport, but cos no address in it, it’s requesting for another I. D. It will be best if we have the option of adding address manually especially for us with international passport.


I think they Will look for other verification ways in the near future for people who can’t do their verification with the yoti app at the moment or have id related problems because every country is diffrent as far as i know Richard Said nobody Will be left behind So don’t worry :sunglasses: