Other life on Earth


Cool, Ill have a look thanks!


I found this channel talking about astral travel maybe it can help you


He only talks, i think he can not do it himself, i know everything theoritically, but i need real practical knowledge, only real excercises not talking/copying parrots
,most people only talk they can not do it but they give technique, they have never had an experience of astral travel but they publish and sell books to teach people!!!
I am doing some concentration exercise now, the key is a veeeeery strong concentration.


I am not sure if he can do it but he is an ET channeller and he knows what he is talking about. I have seen him do live sessions answering questions and giving information. He is the real deal. As he said, its not something that everyone wants to do anyway. It serves some people and can be used for fun as well Its up to the person. He gave a ton of other information about those astral realms that was more interesting rather than the techniques to achieve it. It sounds like you know what to do, and as you say its a matter of focus and intent to achieve it and he also said that as well. Knowing something more about the actual astral realms that are out there can give something to focus on in terms of what you interact with when you do astral travel.


No,theory is for idiot scientists.
The only thing we need is to go deep inside and reach our higher self,
Believe me or not those ETs do not worth a penny, they are another form of evilistic creature like today’s world leaders, but they have a veil/mask.

We should work on ourself, we are much more advanced than all those ETs,
We have all knowledge of past and future inside, we can activate every spiritual power that ETs have, by activating chackras and doing special samyamas
Only and only we need to practice daily , the whole creation is within us


Yes I agree with what you are saying about the power of humanity and looking inside but not all ET’s are negative, there are many powerful enlightened beings helping humanity right now. Be careful not to judge what you can’t know. Keep an open mind. The negative beings who have exerted their influence over this reality are being forced out by an alliance of enlightened beings, there is a lot happening behind the scenes that most people don’t know about.


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What if mushrooms are alien. The spores could travel through the vacuum of space and are resilient enough for entering earth orbit. Maybe they were manufactured by an advance race to work as intergalactic radio beacons to map life in the universe. Just an idea. Inspired by TM. :slight_smile:


I always say anything is possible. Lots of people think Octopus are alien - there DNA is unlike anything else on earth.


Yea much like the absence of the Macaque marker in the Basques people. Interesting. :slight_smile:


yeah according to my research and experiences humans being are a genetic creation. There is a lot more to what is going on in this planet and universe than most could ever imagine…


Like the fact that there is now proof that megalithic sites used an organic polymer to mould sand into solid stone. Crazy. :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen that one but do believe you. The ancient world was once very advanced and we have lost that information - more to the point its been covered up actually.


His voice is a little annoying

But he presents facts quite well

Also a utube channel called bright insight.

He compellingly found the location of Atlantis.



thanks I will have a look. I know the bright insight channel and like the guy a lot but I think he is wrong about it being atlantis. What he has found is the remains of an advanced ancient city but not Atlantis. The main part of Atlantis was around the Bimini area off the coast of the states but of course back then there were advanced beings all over earth. Atlantis was destroyed by war completely and sank into the ocean but another advance civilization came after and that was wiped out about 13000 years ago by the asteroid hit that wiped out most of the earth. massive tsunamis covered the continents. Atlantis was destroyed back about 35k years ago. My information comes from the Pleiadians so I am sure of its authenticity. He is on the right track with his information but its not atlantis that he found there. Just a few coincidences. Its all very interesting anyway - the details aren’t all that important - just the fact that it did exist and was very advanced is relevant