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Hi Everyone, I have someone of a long thought and question. I’m hoping someone can help out. Thanks in advanced!

Hi I found a really old wallet from 2017 or 2018 and I used to mine to it back in the beginning. I also have the old source code files (I think that’s what they’re called) like elctroneum-wallet-cli.exe, etc. I’m assuming I don’t want to touch these?? I really hoping to get some help opening up the wallet. Thank you for your help, take care. I guess my questions is what are my objectives? Here are steps I think I need to take, but not sure so I need some reassurance or guidance.

I downloaded the latest source code files. I restored the blockchain.raw data and I have electroneumd.exe synced and tells me I can use the CLI. I have the old wallet file. I ran the deterministic command that restores from seed which I have. I named the new wallet, put in the seed and now I think the wallet is syncing? (I’m not sure if that’s the right term) but what I’m hoping happens is the wallet tells the block chain hey I have ETN up in here and then I can do something with it. I also noticed the old wallet had a .etn extension on it. Anyways sorry for the rant, I just really want to talk to someone about this.

If you remember the password for the old wallet file that is best.
If you have the seed you can make a new wallet that will let you control what you have there.
You are correct that you will have to let the chain synchronize first. Did you start electroneumd yet?
Using electroneum-wallet-cli will let you open the wallet you made and control the funds there.
On a windows computer these will be electroneumd.exe and electroneum-wallet-cli.exe
Hope this gives you more confidence. It sounds like you are on the right track.

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Thank you UncleDen for the fast and helpful response! I ran electroneumd and still have it open (I think I’m suppose to leave it up while I do wallet stuff). I wasn’t totally sure on the password, I have a good idea what it is though, but I had the seed written down so I knew that would be for sure.

So I think originally I had the wallet in the offline paper form. Then I must have gotten curious about mining and the CLI wallet. On the mobile app, I tried importing from offline wallet by scanning the QR code and it seemed to take fine, the wallet imported, but with 0 ETN, so that’s when I remembered I had the wallet in the CLI form too, and that’s where I’m at. I’m about a 3rd of the way on the sync.

I’m a little confused about syncing with the electroneumd.exe and then syncing the wallet. They feel like they’re doing the same thing, but I might not be understanding the difference.

if you use the remote node method you don’t need electroneumd syncing so it’s faster.

— METHOD 3: Remote Node

By connecting to a remote node you don’t have to download the Blockchain to your computer nor you have to wait for it to sync. This will connect your wallet to the network right away.


syncing the blockchain means downloading all transactions. syncing the wallet means it goes through all the (downloaded) transactions and selects those which belong to your wallet. if you use the remote node method then wallet syncing goes through all the transactions being on the remote node and selects those belonging to your wallet


Yes what he said.
You will want two windows opened. Once the chain synchronizes with electroneumd you then run electroneum-wallet-cli in another terminal and do your thing. Once done with that you you close them both down.

Awesome, thank you both so much for you help, it was really nice having a quick response.

Well I’m all synced up and the wallet is empty. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or what. I hope by doing a paper offline wallet import to my online account wallet didn’t screw anything up. Even that import was 0 ETN

Have either of you done a paper wallet import to your online ETN account? I did 3 and I noticed those transaction hashes all show pending under ‘More Details’

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From the cli wallet you can do a show_transfers to get a history of any transfers made for that wallet address

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I would have replied sooner but i needed to get out of the house and ride the bike for a bit. :slight_smile:

o that’s awesome to check history good idea and I’ll try that out. Awesome, always nice to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and vitamin D. Bike rides are the best too :smiley: I need to do the same, I’m going to try the history, I’ll let you know.

looks like I had about 5k in there at one point, better than nothing. I’m sort of remembering I moved it over to my online wallet account, can’t really remember how far back, but for some reason my online wallet transactions are wigging out. They show a ton of duplicates transactions, and I can’t scroll to the very beginning of the wallet, it just keeps throwing out duplicate transactions. I opened up a ticket with electroneum support, hopefully they can fix it.

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Glad to have helped. Good luck with everything.

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