OpenCart Instant Payment Gateway


Hi all

We have another payment gateway to add to the ever-growing list for Electroneum…

I’ve finished an OpenCart extension and am looking for anyone who has an OpenCart shop and would like to implement it for testing / feedback.

You can see it running on a demo shop I’ve put together here: (feel free to give it a go, I will refund any test payments you send)

Send me a Private Message to discuss if you are interested.




Super amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


More great news :slight_smile: ETN is soon going to be everywhere


This is great keep us updated ! Great work :+1:


Very awesome! I cant imagine the viral growth ETN will have when they market to to all these platforms :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I just tried it out. Sent you 15 cents and everything went smooth. Keep the 15 cents. Thanks for working on this.




Works great, don’t bother refunding test-transfer :+1:


@cnorin here’s another one for your ETN Commerce site :slight_smile:


yes - will be adding that as soon as I get time!