Oooooops disheartening


It’s unfortunate Yoti is not available in my country Ghana, does it mean we those in Ghana Can’t get verified? :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Try yoti apk, google it


Alright I will do just that


Be careful using external APK install files! You are risking of infecting your phone’s operating system. If its not official I would not recommend it!


I hope in the next update for Yoti they will add much more country’s to the list they said they would so lets hope so that the people who can’t now will be able to sooner or later :wink:


I m using an apk app as a bank app, never had any problems with it if you download it from the oficcial website.


Please download official apk app



Okay I won’t do that I will wait until it’s available in my country


Alright it’s far better to wait than install unofficial app



Brother, try using vpn. It might work.

If it does, then please post your experience here for others to benefit.


Okay I will try try doing it


you could also open a support ticket at etn. in the near future they may provide kyc without yoti


Yes I will consider that


The team need to fix this! Yoti works well for some countries but not all. There needs to be an alternative verification method. An announcement would help


Precisely, I even tried using VPN but it failed,


I agree they gotta sort This out hopefully before the end of these 30 days when you need to make sure to have it to access your funds they made things better for people who can’t get it to work also hopefully Yoti Will deliver an update for more country’s soon :roll_eyes:


@PHXInvestors when u not verify by yoti can you still transfer Electroneum from your wallet to another wallet before the end of the year?


I think if you don’t do the level 1 KYC you can’t deposit or withdraw from your online wallet sadly :neutral_face:


Oh Okay but you can transfer from exchange to your wallet