Only 1 word describes Electroneum: quality


Yes, quality.
Try to sit down for a moment and browse through all the other cryptocurrencies services/websites/apps/forums.
Now compare those to electroneum’s. Do you see the main difference? It is quality.

Everything the etn team delivers is well thought, well designed and built. The etn Android app is by far the best designed and working app in the crypto space. No other app is giving away free crypto like etn is doing. No other app has a wallet built in, while doing a contemporary and permanent airdrop. No other app has such strong security features.

Same goes for the website.
And last but not least, just look at this forum
Compare it to the official forum of bitcoin, ethereum, or any other cryptocurrency. Do they have such smooth graphic? Nice ranking system? The same functionality with hash tags, name handles @, like buttons etcetc.
No, they don’t. They all look like a forum from 2004.

ETN might give the impression to proceed slow paced, but be assured, that is because they are creating only quality content. You can see a professional team work is put in everything they do. And I can’t wait to see the same quality applied to the marketing campaign… There is where things will start to be interesting :smirk:


This is the argument I use when people ask me what is ETN and how is it different than BTC.


When we pass 50M users, there are many here on the forum that are satisfied. 50M users are 10x Norway’s population, 5x Sweden’s population. In order to handle such numbers, it must be quality.


Intricate!!!, it is well written all over etn
Am 100% that cloud mining will be soft as well.


guys at work are always talking litecoin and its the future, i say ok go convince one person in here that isn’t into crypto to pay for their can of coke in litecoin.


Also, have you compared the lite coin wallet with the electroneum wallet? Lotecoin looks like a 1998 software lol


Nice post…! Very Well Said !!:+1::ok_hand:


I agree with you Doctor ETN is one of the coins that keeps amazing me with everything they do from Richard to the amazing ETN team to our whole community i think ETN is building something great not many coins give me as much confidence and Deliver on so many fronts then ETN does. :sunglasses:


ETN is the platform that I envisioned for Bitcoin back in 2009 when I learned of it. This team will be wildly successful.


Quite right. You are investing in management just as much as product. And Richard, Chris and crew are excellent, honest, and visionary.