Online Wallet to Paper Wallet Transaction Delayed?

I transferred quite a bit of my ETNs from my Online Wallet to my Paper Wallet last October 23, 2018. I made 3 transactions in large amounts. They are still in the “Processing” Status at the moment.

Do I start to worry or just wait?

P.S. I already made a ticket to the support section.

Please help. Thanks.

That is 2 months ago :thinking:

That is 7.5 weeks longer than i would have waited!

Yes there has clearly been a problem, support will fix it for you im sure. But if you are not getting anywhere keep the pressure on them because 8 weeks is a long time.

Im sorry. It’s 2 days ago October 23, 2018. Just edited my post.

And withdraw back from the offline takes weeks. They need to fix this to max 8hours send and max 8hours withdrawal…

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Is that a fact?
Weeks for me to import my coins from my many paper wallets? Surely not.

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Right now my friend wait 4th day to withdrawal (so not weeks for now but days for sure…). If you status stuck at RETRYING no one say you what to do if you didnt contact support - create again new account and write what is going no one will help you and you can stuck at this status for weeks or months and your available balance is reduced you couldnt use these coins again until support help you…
I meet people at Twitter every day that they complain about this issue with status retrying - no where is writen the tutorial so i say them to contact support…


It’s this that needs fixing , yes instant notification of payment is great but we need to make sure that the whole process works …

I had to contact support waited 5 days for a wallet to wallet transfer of 3k , support said I had to make sure funds were available , they were and enough to pay for transaction fee ,there was and to send smaller amounts !!

That last part shocked me


But the good news today awesome…

My problem was resolved yesterday. Thanks to the ETN Support Team.

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Etn support are awesome , they r up to their necks on support tickets and they keep going …

Well done all involved