Online wallet balance


this maybe a stupid question and probably been asked a few times already.

so, the etn online wallet is not showing any balance? it says the wallet is migrating to the new instant payment system? i’m asking this because I rarely check my balance there(not that I have a lot), and I only do it to make sure my etn is still there… hehe…

btw, it s kinda nice to see etn price going up a bit, hope this contines.


It may take up to 30 minutes for the migration to complete. You may also need to refresh the cache. Press CTRL + F5


so does this mean that I am the only one having this issue? kinda weird if i’m the only one not able to see the balance as the online wallet is controlled by the etn team and not me, imo.


Mine also same . But now i already can see the balance even i dont know what have i done


On the smartphone wait 30 min and than turn off and turn again… On Pc same wait some time and then relogin -it helps i have too at the begging…


it hasn’t work for me yet. I guess it’s been an hour?

@Mr.CryptoCZ I only have the pc(online wallet) as I have an iPhone and its not available on ios yet.


You need to clear the cache using CTRL + F5