One-pager for users new to buying with ETN


I am going to be selling my book using the WooCommerce ETN plug-in shortly. I wanted to create a simple one-pager for anyone new to using ETN as a form of payment so I created this quick blog. Would appreciate any thoughts/feedback. If there is something better out there I can point to, I would certainly like to know about it. Thanks!

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It’s good - you have mentioned that sharing the public key is fine.

Just a suggestion, you could add a small “Keeping your Crypto Safe” section and add a one or two line info piece about the importance of always keeping your Spend and View key private, never to share (i.e. paper wallet). And store backups for extra security. Do it in a non scary sounding way perhaps.

Anyone completely new to crypto would value knowing this from the outset - I would think.

Just my 2 cents


Excellent point I will certainly add that thanks


I’m actually a bit surprised there isn’t more discussion on this topic of creating a simple, one-page resource for brand new users to walk them through the process. Maybe I just haven’t seen it? If so would certainly like to know about it. If not, I’d certainly appreciate any other comments on how to improve this page as I plan to give out ETN paper wallets for the holidays and want something that new folks can read in order to understand and act quickly.