One of the many great moves by the ETN team


When the ETN team announced a partnership with Quoine I was one of the ones thinking… whats this all about? but after looking into Quoine after the announcement I realised how significant this actually is. Aside from the unbelievable news that Quoine will help ETN become a regulated crypto currency in Japan, Quoine has also been operating two exchanges, Qryptos, a crypto exchange and Quoinex, an exchange where you can purchase certain cryptos with Fiat.

Electroneum as we know is listed on Qryptos and very shortly both of these exchanges will migrate to the liquid platform and for those of you that may not know, the liquid platform will provide the liquidity needed to the market, not only for us retail investors but for the big guns… the institutional investors. There has been talk that in the not too far future Quoine will offer Custodial services like coinbase does and we all know that once this bridge has been built it will be game on.

So thank you ETN, we appreciate your vision!!!


If someone miss the leaked document from MARCH from the ETN TEAM I uploaded to my Google acc. Check it and have PATIENCE and maybe we are very CLOSE to start something BIG :wink:


Yeah when they merged them together as being Liquid that is going to be huge for ETN imagine all the trade volume from 3 exchanges on 1 exchange and all the trading ETN could be getting then :sunglasses::rocket:


I am using them, and they have another feature i like, lending. You can safely lend out your ETN and get interest rate every day, and the best part is that i can set the rate myself and set out the offer for lending.


i thought the lending was only for BTC and Qash?