One of the best crypto faucets ever!

You’ll make 2000 sats easy now.
Happy hodling.

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For those of you who used my referral code ,

THANK YOU.:blush:

Are you able to make a withdrawal from FaucetCrypto?
Most of the faucets are empty for days.
RVN hasn’t been refilled for over 9 days.

I haven’t been able to access chat over there either.

Yeah it has been Ok for me. I’ve made three withdrawals in the last 2 weeks - 2x litecoin and 1x bitcoin. Bitcoin had to go via because litecoin kept saying ‘DW: Empty’ which I didn’t understand but essentially meant it was not an option for withdrawals.

I had a account anyway and was able to swap BTC for LTC and withdraw it without losing much in fees.

I notice that a lot of the payment types have the ‘DW: Empty’ or ‘FP: Empty’ markers on them now though?

It means that the faucets are empty.
They’re usually refilled within 3 days.
Buy now most of them have been empty for almost a week.

I guess it’s because of the influx of so many new users.
More than 200K+.

They’re probably figuring out a sustainable way to keep the site alive.

Faucets refilled again.
Chat back online.

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