One of the best crypto faucets ever!

I’m on level 169.
I earned LTC initially , now it’s RVN.

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Mee too ahaha

I HODL RVN and Electroneum, maybe i will add a third coin later

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Even I love RVN.

Nice to meet a fellow Raven.:eagle:

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Yeah ! RVN seems to be a good crypto for the future.

During this period i search for another good altcoin (except RVN and Electroneum), what do you recommand ?

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If you’re looking for a third coin on FaucetCrypto , I recommend Zcash.

If you want to earn LTC or DGB try this faucet ,

You can claim once per day or do offerwalls.

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Do you have a faucetpay account ?

Now, yes, but i prefer the design of the faucet crypto

thank you for your advice ! i heard also some good things about the Digibyte

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You can actually earn more from faucetpay.
If you go to the faucet list , you’ll find hundreds of faucets.

If you claim from 6-8 faucets twice a day , you can make around 1000 satoshis per day.
Try it once , you’ll love it.

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Just sorted my first withdrawal after using the faucet since last week. I just do the PTC ads and Shortlinks and then claim the achievements and managed to earn about 1000 satoshis. I withdrew it in LTC this time.

I tend to click through on my phone while I work so not eating into my ‘free’ time. Not earning me a fortune, but is accumulating value quicker than ETN app right now!

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If you’re using a phone , do it on the ‘desktop’ site.
Otherwise , you’ll get lower rewards.
What level are you on?

Interesting, let me try that in a min. I’m on Level 44 currently after about 4 days?

@CaptainMarvel how do you switch to desktop mode? I’m on a phone to limit the malware the ads give me!

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Switching to desktop mode , allows all the ads.
If you use the mobile site, then you won’t see all the ads so you earn less than what others do.

Since you watch less ads , they get lesser ad revenue that’s why the rewards are less.

The Desktop mode should be situated above settings in your browser.(Chrome , brave, Firefox)

You will see all the malware ads if you do this.
But if you turn off downloads from the browser then you’re safe.
That’s what I do.


Ta, got it now. I’ll see what uplift it gives in terms of rewards and will post up my findings. I was getting a daily bonus of 35 coins, 15 reward every 40 minutes, PTC ads were giving an average reward of 20 coins and shortlinks an average of 13 coins on the mobile site.

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You’ll make 2000 sats easy now.
Happy hodling.

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For those of you who used my referral code ,

THANK YOU.:blush:

Are you able to make a withdrawal from FaucetCrypto?
Most of the faucets are empty for days.
RVN hasn’t been refilled for over 9 days.

I haven’t been able to access chat over there either.

Yeah it has been Ok for me. I’ve made three withdrawals in the last 2 weeks - 2x litecoin and 1x bitcoin. Bitcoin had to go via because litecoin kept saying ‘DW: Empty’ which I didn’t understand but essentially meant it was not an option for withdrawals.

I had a account anyway and was able to swap BTC for LTC and withdraw it without losing much in fees.

I notice that a lot of the payment types have the ‘DW: Empty’ or ‘FP: Empty’ markers on them now though?

It means that the faucets are empty.
They’re usually refilled within 3 days.
Buy now most of them have been empty for almost a week.

I guess it’s because of the influx of so many new users.
More than 200K+.

They’re probably figuring out a sustainable way to keep the site alive.

Faucets refilled again.
Chat back online.

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