One massive scam job


how about not closing my things down why cause i am more intelligent then the village idiots who run it, i will be selling the coins for well below what i paid just to get away from you people, you do nothing aqbout fakes on social media and shut me down, the point was to get rid of fake pages not promote them, its difficult to tell the real one from the fake


indeed last month I saw the same thing on s.m but I couldn’t reply for them just in order to not promote them .just be patient they will solve the problem soonly


There is a seperate security issues topic within the forum for posting such pages.
With respect of course for all in the forum.


it is not very hard imo to detect and flag a typical scammer, try hoovering your mouse over their link.
If link has URL or username different from the official account they are fake

This is a LEGIT post from the ETN team on fb, notice the URL, it only contains the official username electroneum

If the URL is misspelled or differ somehow from the pure and legit electroneum username, i.e electroneum-1234abcd it is a FAKE account. Please report it to fb as Spam/and block it from showing in your fb again!


Your topic was left there but locked so that people could see the scam…

I also had to edit your post to remove the addresses incase anyone sees it and thinks its real (as its here in this forum)…and yes that very well could happen. Please be more careful.

The team do everything they can to remove threats from their social media…the communities safety is their number one concern.

However, there is only so much you can do, for every fake account your report and have removed, two new ones pop up in their place. We all have an obligation to take their own financial safety seriously and protect ourselves.

Remember, as has been said many times before, the team will NEVER ask people to send them coins or provide personal information. Check URLS, Social media handles and exercise due diligence in every aspect of your crypto interactions.


It wouldn’t hurt to get the Electroneum twitter account verified.


so did you report it as a fraud to facebook


The social media scammers have diminished in numbers in the past few months.


o now am being monitored for telling the truth


Yes, when I spot scammers on facebook I report them to fb. I feel there is less spam there now, and fb is quicker to remove them if more of us report them


the fake page is still there


if people cant see the scam then they wont know will they


Surely a facebook issue, be vigilant. So many scammers out there.


True, please spend some time reporting them.
Here is a fake & spamming electroneum-3058SOMETHING account

Choose Report

Select Spam

Block & Hide spammer from your timeline


If enough users report these scammers, facebook will eventually block their accounts.

I believe you’ll have to use a computer to actually see the full URL to differentiate between the real and fake accounts


I have reported those pages repeatedly, and they come back instantly. I have blocked one and could still see it and it’s scam comments on the Official Electroneum feed, so these boogers are good at what they do. I don’t report them as often now, though sometimes I do, I usually just post a scam alert gif and an angry emoticon to warn other users. That said, as frustrating as it is, a fool and their money are soon parted…


IMO all comments should be blocked in FB till a better solution is found against scammers. for the time being the commenting should be redirected here (put a link in every post to the community’s pages) so only KYC users could comment