One Account used by Two Mobile Phone

Dear all,

Anyone know, is it permissible to use same account in two mobile phone for mining ? would it be faster to mine more ETN ?



Not permissible. Read the terms and services you agreed to upon sign up. One account one phone.

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Thanks a lot. I understood now, will use one phone only.


Has anyone already changed his phone since he/she created an ETN account ?
Do we have to make any special procedure before changing his cellphone in order not to be banned for using the same account on two phones ?

when cloud mining was introduced on iPhone I logged out on Android, uninstalled the app. DLed on iPhone, logged in, mined. when cloud mining came to Android I logged out on iPhone, uninstalled the app. On Android DL, login, mine. Anyway I keep my precious coins on CLI just for sure:)

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The best way to store them, my opinion only, is offline paper wallets.

I’m also mining on PC and about once a month I sync my CLI wallet so it wouldn’t be practical to create a new paper wallet once a month. Besides paper wallets can be lost, misplaced, burnt, stolen, get wet and unreadable. I know that a CLI wallet is also vulnerable to PC hacks, viruses but for me the CLI wallet is more practical

I contacted tech support once to change the phone number. I was told phone number cannot be changed.

I used the same SIM card when I set up my spare iPhone but when I run the cloud miner the SIM was not in the iPhone. I used the home wifi and I didn’t take the iPhone out of that wifi range

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