One account per person


I don’t find the term anymore “one account per person”. When was this changed?


yes …that is why KYC was implemented


there is a hole there. one can create 100 level 1 accounts with 100 emails and with 100 phones s/he can have 100 times more ETN. it then move the level 1 earnings to a level 2-3 account


You can’t do that, ETN will detect someone using multiple phones like that with security protocols and they’ll be banned. That’s why you’ll sometimes see big drops with the app on mining, people getting banned trying to cheat the system.


with Tor

you can hide/randomise your IP so no way detecting who is connected from where. wouldn’t it be clearer to state “one person can have one account only”?


Hopefully they can detect that somehow too, thus far they’ve done a great job and keeping it under control however it’ll always be a battle to keep people off the network whom abuse it. That’s true of anything out there in the tech world.

Actually one person can only have one account now since KYC/AML has been introduced. It’d have to be a different member of the family up to 5 I believe it is per IP. Also I’m sure they can at least detect some sort of suspicious behavior between accounts.


if they can detect IPs behind TOR then they should sell their method to 3 letter agencies😀


Well it’s as I said it’ll always be an ongoing battle it’s always that way with things like this. It won’t be possible to purge 100% of people cheating the system, that’s the same of any system in history. They just need to do the best they can is all.


Agreed. That’s why “one account per person” should be explicitly said in terms.


I do fully agree with you on that, perhaps tag some of the staff here or send in a ticket on the matter. I’m sure they’d agree with you on that.


@ETNCEO could you state again in terms “one account per person”? Thanks


I can confirm it’s one account per person :wink:


it should be stated in the terms on the website😉