On Etsy I accept Electroneum as payment


So after doing some research. I discovered their is a way for me to accept Electroneum as a payment on etsy. If you have an etsy account and want to accept etn as a fourm of payment you must also enable the other payment option in your settings. Here is a screenshot of my etsy announcement.


Also Craigslist now has a checkbox on the left side when searching for sale items that says “include cryptocurrency.”


up for this one. online entrepreneurs should check and explore how they may integrate ETN instant payment


Can’t integrate the api but their is an “other payment option” tab that allows you to communicate with the buyer after the purchase regarding payment.


"I know slyme has an “I” but “Y”.lol so catchy.


I didn’t realise you could do that on etsy, thanks


You have to turn on the tab “other” in the payment policy section then the transaction is done between the buyer and seller directly.


ok thanks @Deedigital