OLYMP Trade Accepting ETN and HITBC Missing

As per talking to OLYMP Trade customer service, they are also accepting ETN (Electroneum) as a payment method. you can check out the screenshot.

Another thing is HITBTC is missing on the official Electroneum website (exchange section). Please rectify it, #ETN admin.

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Nice find !!!

Thankyou for sharing the information

We appreciate it


@The-Magic-Man another one to add to this list


Very cool! We will build person by person, shop by shop, mobile carrier by mobile carrier. It may be slow, but we will succeed

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If you can get a screenshot of the actual ETN market on there or an official announcement that they are trading ETN, I will add it to the exchanges list I am keeping up for ETN.

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@Aironeous is keeper of said list. :slight_smile:

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