Old vs New Payment system advert idea!

just an idea knocked up for advertisement !

I dont mean to be critical…
I quite like it …but theres something missing.
The branding.





Cooking my friend,well done.
Pretty ssoon you can put an automatic teller machine on the other side too.
The plan is to phase them out within five years.
Exciting times ahead for Electroneum.

Cheers my friend anytime i love creating work for ETN as im very passionate for this project i believe it has a great future ahead of it !

Just one request if you could credit me in your post , im looking to expand my user base in regards to graphic design work and portfolio

Thank you


etn is the future but we need some fast achievements to win war against other cryptos

Dont measure yourself by others release dates what you should measure ETN is in terms of how we are breaking industry standards and norms thats more important than coming out fast, we want to come out the best !

Crypto is a long game , We have time the first thing is to built it out correctly , let those others fly past most of them dont have a product once weve built our infrastructure our growth will eclipes theirs . however fast another project comes out with stuff itll still be regarded part of the crowd as they are still within the parameters of whats considered normal in crypto terms , ETN can come out a year later and itll still be groundbreaking and win due to its industry standard breaking technology and idea

I make it for you. You need be rewarded. With likes :slight_smile:

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Great words
My friend everything is correct we are in huge game if we will be together we will win that game

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