Old Account lost

Setting up my original account last year, an email address is needed in its creation.
Since then, I have moved to a different ISP and can no longer use the same email address that I used for Electroneum. I had to set up a NEW acct, and make up a mobile no. in its verification process because it recognises my mobile no. was already in use (from first acct).
It sucks that I can no longer access my original acct as it’s tied to an email that I cannot use anymore (it’s trying to send verification info to that email which I cannot now get to).
There has to be a better way guys. I have now lost all my ETN on the old acct, and the new acct has a made up mobile no. just so I can create the new acct.
A very poor experience :pensive:

Hi 2547,

If you create a new account at support.electroneum.com (it is a new account just in case anything happens to your ETN account as in your case) and raise a ticket there, they will hopefully be able to help recover your account. It could take a day or 2 for them to come back to you depending on volume of tickets.


Thanks. In trying to use that link, I have cookie issues using Safari, so that needs fixing.

When I switched to a Google browser, the email address / password combination is incorrect using that link. However, when I use the very same credentials on the app, I am able to log in?

It appears to be broken in a number of places I’m afraid.

You can’t use the same credentials on the support.electroneum.com site without first creating a new account. They are 2 completely separate systems so if something happens to your account, you can create a new one to contact the support team.

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It’s still buggered. I try to create a new account (my third), and get an email link sent to me to verify and choose a password. Enter a password, as per the rules, and on that page nothing happens - i don’t get past this page once I hit ‘Set password’.

I try signing in again from the browser, but still doesn’t like my credentials. I give up.

Are you using an adblocker or an old browser?

you shouldn’t create a new etn account. you create an account for the support site.

Nope. On my iPhone. Tried safari and it complains about cookies - then opened my google app on same device and used the link in there to create acct. Was sent an email to choose password - I try, but cannot get past that page.

Whatever the process is, it still fails. I follow the steps as advised - and don’t get past the email when asked to create a password for whatever type of account it is supposed to be.

I had an issue putting a password in on my iPhone using chrome. It worked fine using chrome on my MacBook.

Ok I’ll try later from my desktop. Seems there are issues from mobile phones…

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