Offline Wallet view function?

Dear Electroneum!

Any possibility that you could add a function to the wallet to only view the balance of an offline wallet instead of having to import the whole balance each time?

Thanks :pray:t4:

All the best

It’s not possible to view the balance of a wallet without using the private spend key… the view key only enables someone to see incoming transactions, not outgoing. Thus if you are providing the 3 keys (including the most important, the spend private key) then the paper wallet is no longer 100% safe and hence should not be used again.

Thats why funds are imported off a paper wallet and it shouldn’t be used again.

Check out the desktop GUI wallet (using remote node). You can setup a view only wallet in no time at all, very easy to use.


Ah!! Thanks for clarifying. I thought the paper wallet was for reuse but understand that it’s a one time use for security reasons. Thanks :slight_smile:

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