Offline Wallet Problem


There was 10,661.00 ETN in my offline wallet! I imported my ETN’s from my offline wallet to my mobile account 18 hours ago. No problem with wallet balance but my available balance is out of date! Where are my ETN’s? Why can’t I use my ETN’s?

I contacted support but my problem was not solved. Could you help?

My Ticket ID: 3696

Have you completed KYC?

Looks like you need to refresh your wallet.



It takes few hours to update the wallet. Believe me, it will get updated.


Just refresh as msystem said. No need to panic



Further question : In the future, let’s say one or two years, how long will it take to import an offline paper wallet generated in 2017 knowing that it already takes one or two days actually ?

Is there anything in the pipe to make this process quicker ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

This has happened to me too. I’m sure there is etn in this wallet. Look at second transaction.

it can take days to import from an offline wallet - sometimes longer. Sit tight,- they haven’t gone anywhere.

Just wait… their are on the way

I have no problem with this as i was just testing importing from paper wallet. But the transaction says complete, unless i am missing something?

Anyway, is there a reason why importing takes so long? Is it really because the etn team is doing it manually?


As I understand it it’s because the whole blockchain has to sync to pick up the transactions for the paper wallet (that’s probably completely wrong, but it’s how I like to think of it) - I got twitchy when I imported a paper wallet but it eventually did it after about 48 hours.