Offline Wallet KYC


Hey guys,

My name is Sina. I’m from Iran. That means there is a good chance i’m not be able to pass KYC. Ever.
Anyways, last night i tried to send my funds to my exchange account from my web wallet. It failed. I got error 16 even though i had sufficient funds. I haven’t yet received the funds back as of yet, and it may take up to 8 days. My question is, if i go with paper wallet in order to bypass the KYC regulatory and send all my funds to my exchange, will this coming pending payment be a violation of rules? The reason i ask is because from what i understood, with CLI wallet you are good to send funds not receive funds. Could you clarify this situation please?



My country is not accepted?

i assume you have 5-7 digit of ETN in your wallet if you are getting problem with kyc… kyc level 1 only need the name and country thus giving you the benefits of holding or transferring etn worth of 150 euro but if you have more than that then you probably need to do kyc which is a problem in the country you are in… you can send a ticket so that they can process your fund…my brother had the same issue…he transferred ETN to exchange and it failed… he pm them with proof of transaction and got refunded within a day


Why do you think you cannot pass KYC, Sina?


Dead line for KYC is November 12th, that means there are no limitations right now.

What you need to do is leave more than just 5 ETN as fee if you are sending a large volume of Electroneum. Not all of it will be used as fee, only 5 ETN should be used as fee and rest will be returned. Again, ensure that you leave more ETN behind in order to send a larger volume of Electroneum.

As mentioned above, as of right now there are no limitations on your mobile wallet,… and there is absolutely no problem you sending Electroneum to paper (offline) wallet, loading your paper (offline) wallet into CLI and extracting ETN to an exchange.


Iran is a particular issue. As they are not that free to do whatever they want to. Same as North Korea.


Download Electroneum CLI -> Import with your keys -> Send ETN wherever you want


And you can import aswell


I thought KYC gets effective by October 10th? So i’m good with level 1 verification to send and receive?

When i tried to move my funds i did left 100 ETN’s but still got the error 16 for an odd reason. I contacted support and they returned the funds.

As for higher levels and why i’m not eligible, Yoti doesn’t support our country. And since i have bad experience before; Bittrex blocked us all, i’m a bit sore hearted regarding to this regulatory. Thanks guys for your help.


Dear @eFiJy, Iran and North Korea are not comparable, FYI.
There is a strong community of Electroneum in Iran and there is a bigger one in Cryptocurrency as well. There is how huge and strong that they want to transfer their assets from an exchange or a coin, those exchange or coin certainly will be collapsed.


I exaggerated a bit, but I know that in Iran you can’t do whatever you like. Otherwise, why would you ask me those questions regarding KYC?


My friend, back to messages and read again!
In all of them, I’ve emphasized we are ready to do KYC ,hence, because of some former bad experiences (bittrex and etc.) are thinking may ETN team have some restrictions for us without any warning before!
Put yourself in our situation my mate!
Anyway, we will pursue this issue peacefully and we hope this concern will be best addressed by ETN team!


For now mandatory KYC starts November 12th, its been pushed a little bit. You might have to leave out more than a 100 ETN, blockchain may want to split your transaction into multiple transactions thats why it may require more ETN to hold, try sending your ETN in 2 transactions, first half then the other half, fee should be minimal.


Hi Guys,

I wonder if someone can help me.

I have download the Yoti app and completed my profile. I have uploaded all the documents including my passport and driving license.

My question is now how do I link the Yoti app to Electroneum?

I have checked in my profile settings on site and can’t find a way to link Yoti to complete level 2 and 3.

Can anyone answer this?

Wish you all much success with ETN…