Offline walet advice


I have some of ETN 600ETN I don’t want do kyc should transfer to offline paper ?
don’t have computer I could use the paper from phone ?


If you do not want to do KYC, then your only two options are paper wallet or hold on an exchange. If ypu hold on an exchange, I would suggest Liquid as they hold all their coins offline and there is no withdrawal fee. You just have to wait 24 hours once you request withdrawal.

However, if that 600 ETN is currently on your mobile wallet right now, you may need to do level 1 KYC just to get to it now that it is mandatory


I think you are among the winners pls your correct address…


A PC is needed to generate paper wallet. Have a trusty friend that is willing to let you use their computer? You can check out this guide Electroneum Paper (offline) Wallet generator Guide for lots of paper wallet information and different methods.

If you use anyone else’s PC, make sure you operate browser in private mode (incognito), and delete PDF generated by paper wallet permanently after you save it for yourself.

Only other option is to keep Electroneum on a exchange like Cryptoman976 mentioned.

Pick the most trust worthy exchange until you are able to generate yourself a paper wallet and learn how to check sent transactions to paper wallet with generated transaction ID (TX ID) How to check Electroneum Paper Wallet transactions Which can be done on your phone but will be a nice pain to go through, doable though :slight_smile:

Also another note, Cryptoman976 is correct, you will need to complete at least level 1 KYC (How to complete KYC Level 1 Identity Verification) to move your 600 ETN as KYC is mandatory since 12/27/2018 for Electroneum Mobile Wallet.


Yeah agree with the Liquid exchange option as regulated in Japan and crypto offline. That said, theoretical third party risk remains (i.e. they go bust).


Thank you all yes I did lev 1 before .I that the offline s best way


Thank you so much I wrote it it’s right .no wrong I’m waiting this is it agine


It’s on the way
Thanks for participating

And it left with the other guy


Go for liquid exchange of u don’t want to hold on etn wallet…


Thank you I get that done


No I’m going to send them offline wallet not selling thanks


Don’t forget the CLI wallet. Although yes if you’ve got funds already in your Mobile Wallet you’ll need KYC to move it out.


The CLI is just a way to interact with a paper wallet. Same thing;p