Offline paper wallet. Help!


Has anyone used a offline paper wallet, and if so dose it work, and how long does it usually take to send from offline paper wallet to online mobile wallet? Thank you


Yes, it works fine. Create a paper wallet (offline) with the ETN (offline) paper wallet creator
Printout the paper wallet and transfer whatever amount from your to mobile wallet to your paper wallet. If you want to use more than 1 paper wallet, wait till the first transfer is completed. Don’t remember how long it took in my case, but it was within 30 mins.
Keep your paper wallet in a safe place. Sending the amount from your paper wallet back to your mobile wallet is also very easy. Use your private key on the paper wallet and the amount of ETN will show on your mobile pretty quick.
TIP: Just try to ‘practice’ with a small amount before sending your 10 million ETN to a piece of paper :smile:


I have been pending for almost 8hr now… :grimacing: if i did not have Google Chrome installed will it still let me creat a offline wallet? And if it dose let me creat a wallet, will that wallet transactions still say true?


Sometimes it takes days to withdraw… It depends on where did you store there your coins… Usually it’s fast but sometimes takes a little bit longer. 100+ hours… @Jernej can provide more details…


The paper (or offline) wallet is pretty fast, most of my coins are on a paper wallet and when you send the coins they’re almost instantly in the tx pool :slight_smile:


What is the benefit of a “paper” wallet? Why should I even consider using one?


My transaction failed. Not synced?


The only benefit of a paper wallet is your coins are 100% risk free of being hacked.
You do however have to store your paper wallet in a safe place.
The online wallet is perfectly safe to store your coins also.
If hackerone can’t penetrate it then nobody can.


Can take up to several hours.

Guide can be found here:


I see you answer a lot of good question. Thank you for your time… Ok, what if i made a offline paper wallet without having Google Chrome? I dont know if i did, or did not have it installed. Will the Electroneum wallet generator still make a wallet if chrome is not installed? On my mobile app transaction hash on blockchain says true… Im just not sure though. Is my wallet not synced? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you my community. I do not have a CLI wallet. Im just trying to go from paper to light… Thanks again y’all


What if you did not have chrome installed? Can i fix my wallet? Is it even broken? Oh my! Lol thanks bniwde.


Read about ‘hot storage’ or ‘cold storage’, but don’t skip the parts where crypto marketplaces are being hacked! :roll_eyes:


I mean can i get some help? I know why, and i dont know if what you just said is a good option right now. If i can’t print out random paper wallets to hand out to 20 people. Will this all happened to them, failed, not synced? And I do remember having Google Chrome already installed cuz I have a metamask wallet. So what do I need to do I’m just a average Joe? Help please


Metamask wallet? What’s that? Please explain what you would like to do? Because of the translation, it is unclear to me what you mean…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:


That’s okay man I can tell you’re not not diverse in the crypto space yet. Metamask is another type of wallet you have to use with Google Chrome. So that means when I made my paper wallet for electroneum I had Google Chrome so therefore no problems should be on my end. I assume. So if anyone can read the questions above that I asked and are able to answer them please do and thank you happy holidays!


All is well. I have figured it out guy’s. Thanks for everything. I have my fund’s