Official user vs. Miner statement


May we have an official statement about the large difference between mobile miners and users listed on the website? I am inclined to believe many have stopped using the miner because it wouldnt stay online. Is that the only answer. Thanks!
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My guess is a lot of people simply invested and the mobile miner isn’t a big issue to them cause they are treating it as any other Crypto investment. Just waiting on the price to go up. I have more than 40 referrals that are my friends that don’t care to use the app as a miner. I also believe that a large portion of those numbers are android but now that cloud mining is across the board those numbers as active miners should go up in the next few weeks.


Not everyone watch daily social media - Twitter and Facebook (and we have there only about 10% of total users). Team need to send mail ASAP with this information - that cloud miner is LIVE at ANDROID.
We have mail to 2,84 milions of people this is our power.
Send on 2-3 weeks basis some short update (not only long mail every 2 months) - about top tweets, new articles and progres or voting that can help ETN - like now bold awards…