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Say hello to our new advisor, Mati Greenspan! He joins us as one of the industry’s top analysts, who’s frequently quoted by the likes of Bloomberg, CNBC, Thomson Reuters, and the Wall Street Journal

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Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the Millgens ‘Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Retail’ event has been postponed. If you have a ticket, it will be valid for the new event date. For refunds, email with your ticket reference number.

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Jillian Godsil, renowned author and crypto expert has just come on board as an official advocate for Electroneum. This will help Electroneum reach new audiences at #blockchain and #crypto events. Welcome Jillian.
#cryptocurrencies #welcome

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ETN Donate has several NGOs from around the world onboard. Have you already donated?

#ETNdonate #etn #Electroneum #NGO

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