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:point_right: NEW Spend ETN on
:point_right: NEW #Ethereum smart contract implementation update
:point_right: NEW Blockchain developers joining the team
:point_right: Business development strategy update
:point_right: Richard Ells’ public appearances

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The AnyTask™ Platform now accepts ETN as payment when you purchase Tasks. This helps Buyers and Sellers alike, not because Buyers now have a new way to pay, …

Today’s most popular blockchain-based VM is the #Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which Electroneum’s blockchain team will start integrating within the coming weeks and months. This will provide a #digitalenvironment for applications and #smartcontracts:

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Richard Ells will be attending an event at the UK’s #HousesOfParliament tomorrow where he will be presenting information on behalf of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on #Blockchain. Find out which questions will be addressed here :point_right:
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Don’t take our word for it. Check out what the users think about the new ETN Payments feature on
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There’s a number of ongoing discussions with potential partners who are keen to work with the ETN-Network which will hugely benefit the ETN-Network community. Find out more:
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The ability to pay for Tasks through the AnyTask™ Platform using ETN completely bypasses the need for a bank account on either side of the transaction! Just another example of how the ETN-Network is working toward a fully end-to-end ecosystem.
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The option to #buy with #Electroneum (ETN) at has arrived! Sellers earning #ETN on the freelance platform can now spend their ETN directly with other freelancers, opening up the #opportunity to scale up one’s #business:

The priority in the business development strategy is finding new ways for people to earn ETN. One contract, in particular, is nearing completion, and it could be a first for the crypto industry. Keep your eyes peeled.
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These are just some of the keywords coming from very positive feedback about ETN Payments.
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Since our last community update in March, four Universities have shared their intention to become validators on the Electroneum blockchain. We hope to have signed contracts within the coming weeks.

#ETN #Electroneum #ETN_Network #ETNApp is allowing Buyers and Sellers to connect like never before, by allowing freelancers to scale up their earning potential by upselling with other Sellers’ digital tasks while paying with ETN.
#crypto #ETN_Network #cryptopayments #blockchain

Smart contracts have the potential to transform many of today’s legacy systems such as financial services, healthcare, insurance, logistics and more. This is why the ETN-Network is working on implementing the EVM onto the Electroneum blockchain.
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The TESTNET for our new ETN smart contract blockchain will soon be live! Please be aware, the testnet will be up and down as the developers work on it. Integration work will continue until they are ready to change over our main blockchain. Exciting times! Watch this space!

Remember the ETN TESTNET does NOT affect the main, LIVE, ETN blockchain in any way. It is a way for developers to get early access to the new functionality to be prepared for the full integration into the main blockchain.

The ETN smart contract TESTNET is now LIVE!

The developers are busy testing the new network. Remember, the TESTNET will be up and down as the team continues to work on it.

Want to experiment with ETN smart contracts? TESTNET ETN available soon!

Please be aware the ETN TESTNET does NOT affect the main, LIVE, ETN blockchain in any way. It is a way for developers to get early access to the new functionality to be prepared for the full integration into the main blockchain. has introduced a new feature that allows Buyers to not only purchase with debit or credit card but also using cryptocurrency – starting with Electroneum (ETN).
#cryptopayments #ecosystem #ETN_Network #AnyTaskPlatform #newfeature #update #testimonial

We’re pleased to announce that the blockchain validators operating on the smart contract testnet are operating as intended, including 5-second block confirmations. Token transfers, smart contracts, and NFTs are also working as intended.

Amongst various API tests and bug fixes, we are working on the mainnet token bridge, as well as adaptations to the explorer for the move from PoW to IBFT. We are also in discussions around new fee economics, which we hope to share with you soon. Lastly, we’ll be introducing a testnet faucet shortly that will enable external parties to test the network. Watch this space!

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The technology behind Crypto and Crypto Payments opens opportunities to change the focus of an economy. The speed that Blockchain works at is a massive benefit, in terms of payment speed compared to traditional credit card transactions. Read more about the APPG event on the ETN-Network newsroom:

#NFT artist Neto Robatto, through the #AnyTask™ Platform, earns #ETN #cryptocurrency with his unique artistic abilities. This has the potential to provide greater financial inclusion for those who may not have the ability to accept #payment via the other leading #freelance marketplaces:

“Cryptocurrency is a rewriting of financial rules and it’s not the existing status quo. Cryptocurrency gives people the ability to transcend the banking system and do something different, which can be very financially inclusive.” Read quotes like this and more on the ETN-Network newsroom: