Off line wallet


i’ve created an offline wallet and an on line wallet do i have to import it ?
and if i do with 0 amount what it does ???

sorry i’m new

Offline wallets are meant to be a more secure way to hold your coins. ETN recommends keeping only the amount you wish to spend in the online wallet. I am not sure if there is a fee to move from online to offline wallet , but if there is it will be next to nothing.

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Creating paper wallet (offline wallet) is essentially an online wallet, try not to get confused here.

Whenever you create a paper wallet, private keys are generated. This wallet is not much any different than your standard wallet that you would create in Electroneum CLI, the difference is, that the keys from the paper wallet have never been plugged in to Electroneum CLI or Electroneum Mobile App in order to open paper wallet.

Once you create your paper wallet (offline wallet), you will be supplied with Private Keys, these private keys can be taken and plugged into our Electronum CLI wallet or our Electroneum Mobile wallet (Command Line Interface) Wallet.

Two guides below will help you open your Electroneum paper Wallet.

Never hesitate to ask if you get stuck. :blue_heart:

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