Oex volume up! go etn!

Looks like they waking up to ETN…

I don’t know where they get the numbers on coinmarketcap, but the volume for BTC/ETN are wrong. There’s no way ETN volume at OEX is over $10,000 a day. It’s probably not even half that. I’ve left it on a screen for the last few days checking for opportunities. I see a single order execute every hour or so for 5000 or fewer ETN. I’ve never seen a single order actually execute for over 10000.

HMMMM , there was a pump there.

It is all fake volume with nothing but wash trades. The order books are paper thin and has probably around $1000 of real volume for the ETN/BTC market.

They were at the bottom of the ETN volume list at less than 10k for a while then all of a sudden 3rd place in volume with 125k+ volume. It has to be fake/wash trading unless they advertised to trade ETN or started a trade contest or something else I’m not aware of. I didn’t think they would bother to wash trade ETN.

I think ETN’s market fluctuations are based on:
Bullish because of announcement of i.e. new products and contracts.
A steady up trend because of ETN’s trust in the crypto community.
Up- and down trends basically following Bitcoin (or general market values)
Bear market due to short trading. I think we do not need to worry for ETN to drop dramatically. I will be patient for the time being :thinking::smiley::+1:t2:

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