OEX listing ETN TOP30 exchange


Hello here is not mention yet so here you have the news from the TEAM https://twitter.com/electroneum/status/1037623217790377984:
OEX is TOP29 exchange right now and Coinbene TOP32 - we now need onlz some possitive news - update of the app, more languages and instant payment + accepting by vendors and we can go UP :wink:


This is good news, every exchange opens up liquidity to more people geographically but according to blockchaintransparency.org they are greatly exaggerating their volume and their real rank is 123rd


agree!! every exchange counts in the end


The trading is not showing on CMC.


I couldnt edit the topic what i make wrong? need to add some corection there… the link need to delete this “:” : because it writes that link is broken… but i havent pencil here… Watch: