October is going to be an exciting month!

This is what we’ve been waiting for, a lot of things are going to change for ETN holders next month.

“as we should have our first MVNO accepting ETN payments by or during October”


Awesome, thanks for pointing this out!

If you guys are curious where to find this, you will find it in your e-mail that is attached to Electroneum account. I received mine today. If you are lazy you can read rest below :joy:

Richard Ells


Hi Everyone!

I have some big news…

A year ago we had a vision of creating a cryptocurrency that is so simple to use and acquire that almost EVERYBODY can access it. We focus on the 99%, where everyone else is focussed on the 1%.

Easy access for users was the first step and we’ve now had over 1m app installs and we’re proud to say the Electroneum app has the same retention level as Instagram (®)!

The second step was going to be harder to achieve, and it’s taken us nearly a year to deliver it, but it’s now available for ALL users and global vendors!

The Electroneum Instant Payment API system for Vendors is now open and in BETA.

We’ve made integrating cryptocurrency payments ridiculously EASY. Normally, cryptocurrencies are inherently difficult things to integrate into tills or ecommerce systems. Blockchains are not like databases. Their decentralised nature means they do some odd things, like allow a transaction with a VALID TX ID to be rejected later by the blockchain (hence the requirement for blockchain confirmations, which take time), they are very s-l-o-w compared to database systems, as it takes time to reach consensus.

Electroneum has combined instant transactions and ease of integration in a single system.

We have made integrating Electroneum as easy as integrating with Stripe (®) or PayPal (®) by creating the first cryptocurrency with an API interface for payments. Every web agency in the world understands integrating API interfaces, but hardly any understand blockchain. Even better, our system is truly instant . Our API gives an INSTANT notification to the vendor (shop or online store owner) that the payment is on the way. The vendor is assured of the payment, which allows instant checkout. The user can walk out of the coffee shop with their coffee, or the user can checkout online (buying their airtime top up for instance) without having to wait for the blockchain.

The system has been live and open for Beta testers for less than a week but we’ve already seen some impressive integrations and integration into the largest Point of Sale software in Egypt

Professional integration of easy payments & pro video skills! (ETN Academy)


Largest Point of Sale software system in Egypt (we forgive the slightly less professional video - as it’s a HUGELY important step for ETN)


ETN is now the FASTEST and EASIEST cryptocurrency!

Electroneum is now the EASIEST cryptocurrency in the world to integrate (via our vendor API) - and it’s also the FASTEST cryptocurrency payment system in the world!

eCommerce Payment Gateways on the way…

We are working with a number of generous users to create instant payment integrations for the most popular shopping cart systems including Woocommerce & Magento . We are also looking for experienced coders to create ETN payment gateways for Opencart, Omnipay, Drupal, Jigoshop, easydigitaldownloads & more! We will keep you posted.

Would you like to be part of the instant payment Beta test?

If you have an online business, log in to your https://my.electroneum.com dashboard and click on VENDOR SETTINGS in the menu. Click ENABLE BETA ACCESS to get started! There’s no delay, you’ll have instant access.

Integrating Instant Payment API

You will find instructions for integrating the BETA program via our new community forum:


If you need any help - feel free to reach out to the community or our team via the community forum:


Phone 2 Phone instant notifications

Currently any transaction between phones gives an instant notification to the receiver that the ETN is on the way - but the receiver has to know it’s coming and click ‘refresh’ to their in-app notifications. We know that’s not ideal, but it’s only temporary to allow us to get this live API in to BETA testing. We are rolling out PUSH notifications in October 2019, which will allow the receivers phone to notify them that ETN is on the way EVEN IF THEY DON’T HAVE THE ELECTRONEUM APP OPEN!

Electroneum Advertising Starts October 2018

Now our API is available and KYC (know your customer) is announced we are starting a large push for additional partners, agents, and vendors.

We have a plan for October to start recruiting additional MVNO Mobile Operator partners, as we should have our first MVNO accepting ETN payments by or during October. A live partner will demonstrate to others the benefits of partnering with Electroneum and open the door to far more.

We will target vendor acquisition through a targeted ad campaign and use our Mobile Operator partnerships to bring on an Agent network.

October will be an exciting month!

Electroneum Promoting YOUR business…

Don’t forget we’d love to promote YOUR business to our large audience of users and we might choose you as a showcase partner to be included in our wider advertising and promotion. Just get our instant payment API integrated into your shop or online store and we’ll help get the message out.

Have a great day everyone,

Richard Ells

Founder, Electroneum.com


Not sure if here isnt the mistake October 2019? But happy that team keep deliver us the marketing coundnt wait till we can see ETN advertisment at every poster, banner, Tv spots…

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Yeah, when i first read that I thought it was a typo too. Conaidering how professional Richard Ells needs to be, mistakes are normal time to time :rofl:

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I agree that it was a typo. Hopefully because next october is just far too long. FYI woke up to a great price increase lets hope this is the start of some much needed and permanent, steady growth.