NYC - please assist me

Hi everyone. I just need some advice please. I’ve been mining ETN for a while now when they introduced the clound mining thing. Then one had to do a selfie etc. Suddenly I was being forced to upgrade to level to even though I def did not have 150 Euros in my account nor move through there…in fact nothing even close. Then they were asking for all sorts of confidential info like copy of ID, utility bill and so on to upgrade to level 2…all this before I could continue mining again or get access to my already mined ETN. When I log a call with ETN support they just tell me to go to the forums…like they were dodging the q. I mean why could not just answer me. Anyways…am I being paranoid or is this legit? Fanx

Yeah that’s normal. If you don’t have more than 150 euros and it’s asking you to complete level 2, then it’s probably because of the country you live in, some countries need to be level 2 while some don’t.


You had to complete tier 2 because of the country you are in. I can see you’ve already completed it so this issue is closed.