Number of registered users/Telegram users not showing on website

Maybe small issue or improved dashboard/stats coming soon aligned to the vision/strategy!!!

I have this problem very often and someone provided me this link. So when I need to track the data to my excel I use this link…



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Its anti bot checks temporarily blocking your IP if you call the API endpoint to often.

I believe it goes after a few days.

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But why would that happen when I was visiting the website today for the first time in about the week?

Not sure.

I’m sure there are other factors built into the infrastructure checks, possibly whats passed in the POST via header info caused it. Perhaps try clearing cache/cookies etc as well once its back for you.

Now the registered users’ number has started to be shown again

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Sometimes I like to speculate that they’ve already surpassed 3 million users but are slowing down the counter so they can synchronise the announcement alongside the launch of Gig.Guru, new app features and new partnerships. A quadruple-whammy of news is quite likely to turn heads!


And make fools of those not buying at these silly prices :wink:

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