Nows the best time to buy! Or is it?


Etn is bellow investor price.
Bitcoin has seem to found its bottom.
Same for Etn hopefully.
So much potential, Etn team has promised so much.


Etn team said they have spent $0 so far on marketing and advertising and won’t start marketing and advertising till next year.


Will Etn keep dropping till then? Will the next 3 months bring more pain? Is now the time to buy? Your thoughts…

I say buy under 1cent a good buy. Also looks like i was right


I would not say BTC has found it’s bottom after it dumped a few hundred $$$ today and we are still very much in down trend bear market. We maybe at bottom but we also may drop another 50-75% or more in price. There are no rules no time frames for moon or price crash. If you don’t have a lot of extra cash then time is more than likely on your side for holding out and waiting. If you can afford it buy some now, and then keep buying the dips.


Now is the perfect time to buy ETN. At these low prices you would be foolish not to as I really can’t see prices dropping any lower.
The value won’t change much over the next few weeks and should slowly start rising mid October. By Xmas I predict the value to be around what it was around March.
Early next year is when we will see value rise significantly and people who have bought now will be delighted.


I believe we are in the bottom area but no garanti. When you decide to enter a market in the belief that we are at the bottom is also belief that the price is good. If it will go more down you can leverage you’re cost by buying more on the way down. BTC price is 6289$ and that is a long way from 0$ so it is room for more down. ETN is 0.005$ so it is still more rom down.

The upside :slight_smile: is allot more and it is X-times youre X-investment it could be 1X or 1000X. Personally i am a bull (price goes up) in the next months.

You must do your own opinion about the price and handle som beating if it droops, because it is your money and it is you that most handle the result of your spending.

That makes me comfy about ETN is the actual results they have made compare to the road map. ETN have not promised more then they have delivered, and that is a company in balanse, and it also builds thrust. The products ETN have delivered is in world class, and that makes me certain that the next product is following the same standard. The products ETN actually have delivered to the market is still so young that they haven’t had a chance to prove itself yet, and they haven’t been markedet yet.

If you are a day trader, look at the chart and there is no to little money to earn. If you can let your ETN stay in the wallet my belief is a big gain, probably a lot more then longing BTC. I am buying all i can afford.


Really you can only educate yourself on what has happened so far and what news and upcoming things there are that may effect the price negativity or positively. There are a vast number of things that can effect the market at any moment both good or bad, features, laws, regulations, news and so on.

Most people are taking a educated guess unless you have some insider knowledge, anyone who tells you they know where the price is going to be is most likely lieing to you. You can argue that the market has dropped massively from the high it was at earlier this year so you can hope that it may return to somewhere near that number but no one really knows for sure.

I personally think now is a sensible time to buy as the market is very low, alot of new people often buy in when the price is high because of hype but then don’t really make many gains its better to buy in when things seem low aslong as you have confidence that new and better things are coming for the market or particular coin, often when things are how they are now less people invest because It’s more doom and gloom “ow look everything is down”. So staying updated on news is very important. If you are involved in a coin and you know they are going to be making a big positive announcement this could effect the price positively or not at all.

Like anything the more knowledge you have of the market the more of an educated decision you can make, so really there is no straight forward answer except only put in what you are willing to possibly lose and stay updated on news and things related to crypto as best you can.


I am give my opinion at one of my lost post…
I remain at my position…


I think currently is the best time to buy because if ETN slowly Will rise up i think Its not gona be stopped and then people wish they gotten in at This time :thinking:


Recent transactions look fine :slightly_smiling_face:


As you can see in my excel it seem like we found the bottom for 3 weeks very weak volume and price about 80 satoshi - but nobady know if we drop below in next few week or if the bullrun start again… PATIENCE is the KEY to succed :wink:


The price trend doesn’t bother me as much as the volume downtrend. I didn’t realize it was so drastic! Can’t wait for marketing to start. :slight_smile:


i can’t wait for the marketing to start either @Satsukeshi and that the market in general finally slowly starts to go a bullish way :sunglasses:





Best time to buy was yesterday evening as value reached lowest I’ve ever seen.
People need to be quick if they want to buy as prices will start rising very soon.


As long as it stays below 10 cents, it is ok to buy. After that, we get rich.


I agree Everything is on sale!


I took advantage of it this afternoon and topped up :grinning:
We are going to start moving very soon and prices this low won’t be seen again.


As i writ in this post we are or close to the lowest levels and i think the extreme sales are possible to end in a few weeks, i must say that 0.10$ is also a sale, but not as good as this. Happy days


Except XRP, that little Bastard is up 20% lol!