Notifications now LIVE!

Bravo—looking good!

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I dont see how to activate push notifications…I already update the app

how do we activate push notification on the Android App,even after updating it?

Hi, sorry: am on an iPhone and haven’t got access to the Android version…

Alright, thanks.
somebody would likely explain how

Awesome! Electroneum Mobile App Notifications Great news! I have my notifications on!
I like the Top Ups button on iOS. Android does not have it yet.

Android does have the Top Ups button

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Indeed it does. I updated my Android version 6 hours ago.

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Sure does, but its not up front like on iOS…ooops looks like I never updated android version :joy:

I stand corrected. Android below.


Got some screen shots of Electroneum Mobile Wallet push notifications. App was closed when incoming Electroneum notification appeared.

One notification for sending out Electroneum and the other is for receiving.

This is very awesome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


Just got another notification that my transactions have been complete :grin:



Haven’t tried sending or receiving yet - but I crossed the 100 mark last night and been paid now and didn’t get a notification.

I had updated app in good time before (v 4.2.0)

Anyone get a 100 payout notification ?

Same here.
I also did not get any notification of mobile miner 100 etn payout.
I got 100 etn yesterday.
App version 4.2.0 on Android.

@Rach I didn’t get any notification to renew mining. The app had two times the green renew mining button but no notification came of it. Android 9, app v4.2.0. Notifications are enabled in settings for the app. Now I reinstalled the app, let’s see what happens after 24 hours. BTW it didn’t ask my username and password after the reinstall. It asked my pin only

I thing you will get notification only once a week when time runs out. Not every 24h.
It would get annoying

I had notifications with 48 hours to go, 24 hours and (I think) 1 hour


@Rach would be nice to get a description from the devs when to expect push notifications

I also received notification that the cloud miner was going to expire soon and needed to be updated.


@M44FFW @Moonman sweet! thanks for clarifying this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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