Not able to obtain one of the 3 accepted documents for Tier 3. Official government issued document gets rejected.


Already made a support ticket but they send me here.

Since I just graduated from school and looking for a job im not able to get a pay slip or letter from my employer. My bank statements are digital and do not contain my full name. I had this problem before with other investing related brokers and websites. Back then, I ordered an official government issued document providing full details about my name and adress. This document is called “extract from the basic administration”. These documents where sufficient before but electroneum does not accept them.

How can I still get my level 3 tier verified?


I don’t have a full solution, but only a comment in regards to digital documents. My payslips are provided online, not in paper format. I took a screen shot, cropped it and submitted it for tier 3, which was accepted. Some banks will send you a paper statement on request.