Non-Official GUI Wallet as an Xmas gift

great news :slight_smile: I wondered when this would happen, seems to me this will really help with folks who don’t want to do KYC but still use ETN.

It won’t be instant but it will help get people on board :slight_smile:


Impressive. Most Impressive @andrepatta
Your work is very much appreciated!

Thank you


It sounds great, but will it effect ETN ability to have KYC/AML?

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No - that will work in the instant pay system which this wallet is of course outside of (as is the CLI wallet).


This is great news I know there were a few who wanted a GUI wallet now we have one thanks for sharing.


It is just weird that this is not officially supported, because the code ist there from Monero.
I do not want to FUD but I am always very critical when there are wallets released not directly linked at the ETN Website.
I know that this is a regular source by Andre, but I just do not get it, why it is not officially approved.
This is something a lot of people asked for and a version was even released by an enthusiast some months ago, where many people still hesitated, because it was nothing official.
But thanks a lot Andre, maybe the ETN staff could approve that GUI, as long as it is not against their interests. Because firstly it makes it more easy to circumvent KYC and secondly it is another insecurity because of another code to watch.
I just hope for the best.