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Good day etn fam

I’ve bought my new phone… But my google auth is in my old phone… My question is how can i transfer my google auth to my new phone …i tried to install it on my new phone using my google account on playstore but there’s no any account that link to anything on it…

Thanks in advance


you have to get the backup code for every site for the google authenticator


I think you have to manually create a new google auth on your new phone. I got the same problem as you a couple of weeks ago. with Google Authenticator you can’t transfer all your old details too your new phone.

Because of this I use ‘Authy 2-Factor Authentication’ now. In this app you can set a password for all your installed accounts. But yes it was a pain in the ass, when i found this out.

edit: What furios said, if you have a backup code, you can reinstall the accounts.


But how can i get my account details on my old phone… Currently i have to use my old phone just to open my account on some exchanged


Oh shoot i dont think i have that…


Use your old phone to cancel a 2way verification. and reinstall it on your new phone.


for liquid I deactivated 2fa and reactivated it and took a screenshot of the activation code


you can’t use the old information and I know what I m say cuz I made the same mistake last year /so if you want to add the old account’s barcodes you have to own the backup code for the google authenticator when you added it for the first time unless that you can’t use the old account which are matched with google authenticator .


the best way to remember that code which you read it and use it at google authenticator for the first time and add this code to your new phone otherwise you will not have any access to whatever you want to login with your old phone. listen to me if you don’t have this code just keep continue using the old phone and don’t fall with this mistake with your new phone :wink:


Thank you all peeps for sharing your thoughts and experience this might help me now…cheeer etn fam.


A) install Authy on old phone, disable 2FA and enable it again on every service/login but now using Authy. When all 2FA is reenabled in Authy create a backup and then retrieve Authy backup on new phone
There is no backup option in Google authenticator


B) disable 2FA on every login you have using old phone, and reenable it later with new phone and new Google auth install (consider using Authy because it has a backup option)

IF old phone is lost/destroyed
You’ll need to contact support desk of every site, and ask them to disable 2FA on your account. Be prepared to provide info on who you are, last IP used and possible other details.

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