Non-etn, do you know the facts of the world?

I thought I’m knowledgeable about the world’s general state but I got only 5 answers right out of 13.

It seems the world is a better place than I thought…

I was sure I was doing well during the test, but i only got 3 right.


31% …

How wrong was I

4 questions right I’m gonna have to smarten up a bit

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54% for me which is great. I know nothing.

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Missed two questions.


Yikes back to the books for me. I had four points two for my name and two for the date lol!

Thought id smash that

3? And 5. Wtf, dont you read? :joy::joy:

The world is in an accelerated turn last 50years in improvement. Almost like the btc graph from 2017. No matter what papers say, all is better.


This is the best time in human history to be alive, especially in the developed world. Scary when you think of all the deaths from preventable illness, starvation etc. There has never been a larger middle class, there has never been greater food abundance or variety, there has never been better medical care, our lifespans have nearly doubled in a couple hundred years.


If only they would stop developing guns and bombs we all may live a lot longer

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The biggest threats to our species are super volcanos and asteroids. I am all for disarming the planet and creating a Star Trek utopia, but without a catalyst like the replicator to end need, I don’t see it happening.

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Dont forget the magnetic fields that protect us…
That things gonna flip again someday…

I’d love the star trek utopia. No money as such just replicates …

I’m sure we will get there … hopefully we will live long enough to see it… I for one would sign up to live hundreds if not thousands of years…

100 years if your lucky is simply not enough

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Some day, more like any day. The poles are moving faster than anticipated. Airlines are having to adjust much faster to magnetic north than ever before.

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Yellowstone goes off about every 60 thousand years. It’s been longer than that. Big, big trouble.

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Yup I was just talking to my parents about this today…

We are in fact in borrowed time . I’m sure your are aware lol…

But we have have survived before.

Have you learned survival skills ??

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I grew up in a hunting and fishing family, I am a horticulturalist with a great knowledge of local edible plants, my second love is entomology, I can eat bugs if I have to. I have Jeeps, tools, gas stores, a lot of non perishable food. I know my local terrain like no other. If anyone has a chance, it’s me.


Nice !!!

I live in the urban jungle but spent most of my available time outdoors. Learning

I used to have jeeps but life changes forced a different car but also a different approach to survival skills etc. I had way too much kit

So I ditched most started again and now can do most things from minimal kit.
Plus I’m old and in pain every day. But if it came to it I would still fight till the end.

Where are you on the planet ??

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I am on Vancouver Island, Canada. One of the reasons staying alive interests me. One earthquake, and we are on a major, long overdue fault line, could disable ferry ports, airports and bridges. We might not see substantial relief for weeks. We would run out of food in a hurry. Where do you hail from?

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Not as nice as your location !!!

North east United (kinda) kingdom lol…

Canadas on my list of visits after we moon.

I’ll be popping into Canada after Maine I’m going to have one heck of a world tour…

I hope we dont have any major issues in the future, so we can all live out our lives in peace rather than have this hanging over our heads.

But i would rather be prepared than ignoring the facts like most do.

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