Non electroneum topic but also a good message just watch

Hi so i want to start a new discussion about bullying. A friend of mine made a music video clip about it. I hope you just want to take a brief moment to watch it. this is a topic that is close to my heart as i also had to deal with back in school. Electroneum is a great project but this is also a issue that is very important in my eyes. Help share this video. And if you are interested in the artist just google and search and find him. Artist name is KYNN. And the music video clip is called Jacob


If there is one thing I cannot stand in this world amongst many things . That is bullying I myself was bullied at school .

Tha is for adding this and sharing with us

Great video




My gf was bullied even by teachers. It is out of control. I would love for it to stop existing in the world someday


your welcome. We can do something. We can share this video with our friends and family and they can also share the video. We have a great community and we can do this together. We ourselves can not stop it but if we work together our voice is louder. :chipmunk::chipmunk:

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Sorry to hear that. And indeed it needs te stop. I hope you share the video with all your friends and family. Together we can create a loud voice. #nomorebullyshit :grinning::+1::chipmunk::chipmunk:

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Thankyou. I will definitely share it @cryptical

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